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Why should I contact CHE Consulting?

CHE is one of the nation’s largest independent third-party maintenance firms. Providing quality third-party system maintenance since 1997, we specialize in helping companies improve their data center ROI and extend the useful life of their multi-platform enterprise systems.
We have observed additional requirements by our clients including IT asset contract management and IT Configuration Database Management (CMDB) services. CHE Consulting has evolved to address these new needs of our clients and provide simple solutions that are easy to manage yet powerful enough to provide the information required to make timely decisions and improve their bottom line performance.
We have the experts on staff to provide you with the insight and guidance required. We are experts in the data center, enterprise printing and document workflow, and enterprise asset contract management.

Why should I select CHE Consulting  over the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?

Our overhead costs are much lower than the OEM's, and we pass that savings on to you. We’re in the business of delivering excellent service – not selling you equipment you don’t need. When you work with CHE, we save you 30-70 percent over your OEM contracts while providing relentless IT support that’s faster and better than what you get from the OEM. The team at CHE Consulting can keep your existing systems running like new – saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We don’t care about warranties or required replacements – we simply work for you to achieve your objectives and extend the life of your IT systems.

Why should I select CHE Consulting over another third-party maintenance firm?

Our commitment to proactive, predictive and preventive support ensures uptime of your systems and allows us to correct problems before they affect your company and your customers. 

We can do this because:

  • Remote Monitoring Maintenance: Our proprietary remote monitoring technologies ensure we’re ahead of any problems no matter where your data center is located.
  • Full-time employees: All CHE Consulting employees who work on your systems are full-time employees with our company. We never put your systems at risk.
  • Certified parts: We have a warehouse of certified parts, meaning we have the available tools needed to successfully maintain your system at a lower cost than the OEM.
  • Experienced team: To become a systems expert at CHE Consulting, team members are put through rigorous, OEM-like training. Our data center system experts must have real-world experience with their specific system to ensure they can predict and track issues, as well as troubleshoot even the most unique challenges.
  • Service level agreements matched with your needs: We offer customized service level agreements (SLAs) to support what’s important to you. Whether you need an on-site engineer, a 24x7x2 SLA or something else that meets your specific needs, we can create an SLA designed for your system requirements, while getting the most for your budget.
  • Response time: In accordance with your selected SLA, we guarantee on-site response that normally varies from two hours to next business day. When signing an SLA with our clients, we agree to meet or exceed that response time.

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